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Well gents, spring is here and it’s about freakin’ time!
Finally, we can push the parkas to the back of the closet and ready our linen shirts. But before we start coordinating our shorts and shirts, there’s one thing we need to tackle first, grooming.
Yep, it’s been frigid cold and because of this you layered up. Hoodies, jackets, thermals, anything to shield against that Arctic cold wind. And with this your hair runs a little wild, your skin dries up and your lips can crack from the cold winds. Now, to get you looking your best for Spring a new set of conditions apply, and we have strung together a handful of tips that ensures you get a fresh start to the new season.
1. SPF and protect. As the weather heats up so does the amount of time we spend lazing in the sun. While the sun's glow provides warmth, it also bathes our skin in much needed vitamin D. Yet too much exposure wrecks havoc. A 2015 study confirms this; short term UV exposure burns skin cells and longer term UV exposure leaves you looking older and more prone to wrinkles, lines and other blemishes. That’s why it’s important to apply some level of SPF if you’re going out in the sun, especially as the days get longer.
If don’t like to apply too many creams at once, not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Your best option is to invest in a SPF + moisturiser cream. This way you protect from age-accelerating UV plus, you hydrate and nourish with one application.
2. More than deodorise. More heat means more sweat which equals more bacteria. Most guys don’t know it, but it’s not sweat that makes you stink, it’s the bacteria. Your first line of defence to bust body odour and repel bacteria is a potent natural deodorant.
And it’s not just your pits that lets off a dank odour, everywhere from your feet, crotch and neck are sweat-prone zones. This means a deodorant and body spray in one is our recommendation, as one spray covers all zones.
3. Hydrate your skin. Winter can leave your skin bone dry, which means it's time to nourish your top layer to keep skin looking it’s best. As you step into the warmer season, ditch the heavy sorbolene and other thick moisturisers. Instead, pick up something lighter, yet hydrating, and as mentioned above with some UV protection.
4. Trim away winter bush. Overlooked by us guys, yet laser-focused on by our lady friends. While winter can do an absolute number on your skin, it’s (probably) done a number on your hair. And no, not the stuff on your head. We’re talking everything below the neck line. Now is a good idea to bring out the wax strips or body hair trimmer and go to town. Plus, less body hair means less trapped sweat bacteria. Less bacteria, less odour.
5. New Season, new scent. One of the best things about a new season is you can don a new scent. As you shelve the musk-infused scents you can reach for the lighter, fresher, citrusy fragrances. And if you’re not sure where to begin with summer scents, we've listed some of our favourites below. 
We'll be back with more tips and advice you can start using leading up to summer so you look, feel and smell your best.