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Is there anything better than discovering 'hacks' that save time and dollars? But not just that, hacks that also save you embarrassment too. Those are the best kind. And if you find yourself up against it - time and cash wise - we've compiled a list of nine shortcuts that keep you looking your best when that unexpected date or after-work event pops up. Keep these ones in your back pocket.
  1. Tone down red pimples. If you spot a pimple breakout before your post-work drinks, a dabbing of Visine may help. Eye drops contain vasoconstriction ingredients which help to reduce redness. Remember to reapply every few hours.

  2. Soak up oil overload with coffee filters.

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    Available at any supermarket, coffee filters are perfect for soaking up excess face oil. Just blot over your nose, chin, cheeks and forehead.

  3. Stop chafing. A dab of Vaseline between thighs, and on your nips if you get nipple chaf, does wonders when you're outdoors or pounding it out on the treadmill. Seriously, try it.

  4. Cure late night face. Late night Tinder date? No problem, but it probably shows on your face the next morning. Lay an ice pack (or frozen pack of whatever in the freezer) on your face for a few minutes before heading out the door.

  5. Deodorise your gym bag with bar soap. Find a bar soap you like the smell of, stick it in a porous sack or torn paper bag, then throw it in your bag. This prevents sweaty clothes and shoes leaving a nostril-stinging stench in your bag.

  6. Short-lived scent. If your favourite scent does not last long enough, rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying fragrance. The ointment is occlusive, which means it holds the scent longer when compared to spraying on dry skin. Less than half a fingernails worth of Vaseline will do the trick.

  7. Reign in wild hair.

    mariment mens grooming hacks hair

    When you can't keep your hair in one place and it's running wild, you can reign it in by rubbing a small amount of hand/face cream through your hair. Doing this helps to dampen the static/frizz affect.

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