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Let’s get one thing clear: There’s no way to slow down hair growth. But, you can control how it grows out between cuts to keep your summer trim fresher for longer. Not sure how to go about doing that? No dramas, check out the tips below.

1. It’s all in the cut. Not all haircuts are the same especially when they begin to grow out after a few days. For instance, a hard edged side part starts to look unkept rather quickly than a tightly blended fade. The same goes for buzzcuts with etched out lines - these too require weekly upkeep to keep them sharp from all angles.

If you know you’re not going to check-in to your barber for a while, they should - if they’re skilled enough - guide you on a longer lasting summer cut.


... select a barber who knows his stuff.

2. Maintain your edges. The first sign your cut is losing its look is when sideburns and neckline migrate further down. To keep your sideburns sharp, start by trimming the hair back up to the halfway point of the ear. Then, comb your sideburns forward toward the face; doing this reveals stray and unruly strands that need trimming.

Your neckline can be tricky to maintain if you're doing it on your own. Having a willing mate to help out makes the entire process baby simple. If you’re doing it yourself, grab a handheld mirror so you can see the back of your neck. Then, move up and down the neckline with the trimmer, section-by-section. For absolute precision, trim the hairs which has grown below the barber defined hair line.
If you have a helping hand we recommend a razor on the back on the neck. Why? Because
(1) it cuts as close as possible - a clean cut look for longer (2) your friend can manage a straight line with ease.

3. Volume, baby! As I mentioned earlier, there’s no way to slow down hair growth, yet you can manage how long it appears between cuts. The key is by managing volume and the simplest way to do this is to cut down on shampooing frequency.

You see, washing your hair too often strips hair of natural oils which causes hair to dry and frizz out. Instead, we recommend washing hair no more than twice weekly.

 Ferris knows what's up...

Add volume to your hair

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Tip: If you hair lacks volume (or is thinning), we highly recommend you try a fibre pomade. The powder ramps up the volume and texture while locking hair in place for an all natural tousled I just got out of bed look. Or as we like to call it ‘dishevelled chic’.

4. Condition for healthier hair. Don’t forget to condition your hair too. Conditioning has a 1-2 effect: First it keeps hair healthy, plus, it reduces the likelihood of hair frizzing out with humidity