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While a bit of fuzz on the chest makes you look sexy, too much and you resemble a plaid shirt wearing lumberjack. Yet, the same can't be said for back hair. No one finds that sexy, in particular the ladies. Although they find back shag cringeworthy, there's one patch worse, much worse: Nose hair. In your face, literally, a dense brush emanating from an orifice few dare to peek and prod at.
So if you find yourself not getting any callbacks after a first date (... or pushback when you lean in for that goodnight peck) it's time to reach for the grooming kit and get to work. Or your next Tinder date will be like your last one. Yikes! Not to worry, we've go you covered below.
Focus on trimming back, or waxing if you're game enough, visible nose hairs. NB: There's no need to strip all the hairs deep within the nostril cavity. Those hairs help to keep debris and other particles (e.g. pollen) from entering the body.

If you're donning a mo, keep it tight and clean. There's NO instances where it should intertwine with nose hair. Sorry, but this is not up for debate.

For few rogue nostril hairs, keep a set of tweezers near by.

    nose hair trimming and grooming

    That feeling when I pull out that one nose hair tickling my nose :(

    And like all other grooming habits, rinse and repeat every few weeks. Because, if not for the ladies ... for the sake of friends and family who are probably too kind, or grossed out, to tell you to your bushy face.