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With Spring right around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before the sun in beating down on us. And for mot of us mere mortals, with heat comes sweat, and with that sweat comes the stink. Fortunately, you can take control of what you and others can catch a whiff of. Here’s how:

Pit stink

For men, this is enemy #1. Pitsweat generally produces the strongest odours because sweat odour bacteria is trap in underarm hair. So the best way to reduce sweat odour stink is to use a deodorant which eliminates bacteria and stop is from getting trapped within pit hairs. (Plus, cutting-back pit hair also helps alleviate the issue, too.)

Foot stink

If you’re a runner, or you like to cruise around sock-less, you’ll know foot stench is a menace. What’s worse, it can threaten your relationship with your favourite pair of shoes. In this case, a few pumps of a body spray directly on your feet before a gym session, or run, or even work in the morning can save you (and your nose) a lot of hardship after a long day on your feet. So keep them feet sweet!

Crotch stink

By far, this one area is a region you want to keep odour free for obvious reasons. To keep this area odour free you need to use body spray which contains arrowroot powder to help with moisture control, then, a blend of tea tree and sage oil to bust any traces of odour bacteria.

If you’re unsure about a product for these odour hot spots, then check out Mariment’s Natural Deodorant & Body Spray range here. Just two pumps bust sweat odours for up to 24-hours without irritating skin or staining your valuable clothes. Click here to view the range.